Real Madrid Monopoly English Version

Real Madrid Monopoly English Version

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A journey through Real Madrid's most historic moments and greatest players.

Put yourself in the shoes of a successful Real Madrid manager.
Travel through the best moments in Real Madrid history: stadiums, the best players and the great wins that had us jumping for joy.

Invest in stands and stadiums, receive rent and spend money in the Official Club Store. Be smart and stay alert because there's only room for one at the very top, whilst bankruptcy awaits the rest.

Negotiate your path to success.
You can own the lot!!

From 2 to 6 players
Reccomended age 8+
Spanish/English versions


1 Board
8 Counters
28 Property Ownership Cards
16 Home Team Cards
16 Away Team Cards
1 Pack of Monopoly Money
32 Blue Stands
12 White Stadiums
2 Dice
1 Quick Dice
Rules Material composition - Cardboard Weight (Kg) - 1.1 Dimensions - 5.00 X 27.00 X 40.00